Lastlings Remix Cassian’s ‘Together’ Featuring Thandi Phoenix

Lastlings are coming through with a remix for Cassian‘s track, ‘Together‘, featuring Thandi Phoenix via RÜFÜS DU SOL’s imprint, Rose Avenue Records. This marks the newest remix off Cassian’s album, Laps, following up ones by Yotto, Enamour, and Made in Paris. Within, Lastlings continue to showcase their ethereal sound and textures which eloquently combine dark tones and shimmering synths. In tandem with the release, Cassian shared a story portraying just how ahead of their time the sibling duo are.

“Lastlings are ahead of their time. At the start of 2018 I signed up to work on their debut album with them and we immediately scheduled a couple weeks of studio time at RÜFÜS DU SOL’s original Rose Avenue studio, where they made Solace. Amy was feeling sick and pulled out something I wasn’t very familiar with at the time – a face mask. She had some extra’s she donated to Josh & myself and we all decided to wear face masks for the 2 weeks of studio time. They were ahead of their time then and they’re still proving how ahead of their time they are with this incredible remix of “Together.”

Cassian – Press Release


Kicking off, Lastlings make use of the lush vocal by pulling it toward the background. In the meantime, they let the rhythm take the lead with its powerful groove and glittery bright synth notes. Furthermore, the breakdown takes the track down a celestial path as the melody bounces front and centre. Finally, it brings all its elements back together for a strong finish.

Listen to Lastlings remix Cassian’s ‘Together’ featuring Thandi Phoenix via Rose Avenue Records below.