Lane 8 & Yotto – Buggy

Heartthrobs of deep house, Lane 8 and Yotto, teamed up again for a new single titled ‘Buggy‘. This follows their quintessential collaboration ‘I/Y‘ that we gushed over last year. For these two, we are here for anything they put out. We see this track’s release on Yotto’s own imprint Odd One Out, whilst their last track released on Lane 8’s imprint This Never Happened.

The song is a blissful record with delightful melodies and a masterful atmosphere. A smooth, driving bass line propels the piece while harp-like synths and reverbs layer upon each other. The rolling kinetic energy comes from Yotto while the evocative timbre comes from Lane 8. It combines both artist’s signature sounds and showcases their impeccable production skills.

Lane 8 continues to be the electronic stalwart we know and love him for. With recent releases like ‘Shatter’, ‘Run’, and ‘Matcha Mistake’, he’s made 2020 count by adding ‘Buggy’ as his 10th release alongside an album. We’ve got a few months left to see what else we can get. Perhaps a new mixtape for winter? Fingers crossed!

What can we say about Yotto? The man likes to produce electronic music and we are here for it. His multifarious take on music-making is not only what we need, but also what sets him apart from the rest. He is dazzling and dynamic behind the decks (though we can’t see him right now). But in the studio, he is even more so. We crave his sound and if his bromance with Lane 8 wasn’t enough then we don’t know what other iconic duo we could have.

With the original and extended mix, listen to both and get lost in their sound. Let the good times roll for the weekend. We hope everyone is staying safe and sane!

Lane 8 & Yotto – Buggy