Lane 8 Recorded a Grand Lake Sunrise Set—How to Watch

Daniel Goldstein, known as Lane 8, took his ‘This Never Happened’ concept to a beautiful new place. That place was Grand Lake in Colorado, and he has recorded a two-hour sunrise set that will premier next on Sunday, September 6. 

Lane 8 shared a one-minute clip of his set showcasing how gorgeous the scenery was. The snippet starts with an aerial view of the lake after sunrise and then zooms in on Goldstein, DJing solo on a boat. The nature is the perfect backdrop for his soothing, pristine music.

“A few weeks ago i recorded a 2 hour sunrise set on Grand Lake in Colorado, exploring a lot of my favorite upcoming This Never Happened music,” Lane 8 wrote. 

Goldstein hinted at the recording with a social media post five weeks ago in Colorado, at the Cascade Falls Trail.

“Just got to the mountains, recording a special set up here this week,” he wrote.

The full video will premier at 3 p.m. ET.

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Goldstein started a This Never Happened policy banning fans from using their phones to record shows. The point is to enjoy the moment. This Never Happened is also the same name as his record label.