Lane 8 – Cross Pollination

Lane 8 is back with new music for this year. This time it’s a new album titled ‘Cross Pollination‘ featuring seven tracks with some we already know. Let’s take a dive into it as we see its release on This Never Happened.

Firstly, ‘And We Knew It Was Our Time‘ starts off the compilation. It is ambient and delicate in tone. Its melody floats like a bee as this collaboration with Massane carries you through to the next track.

Secondly, ‘Shatter‘ features OTR and stuns us with its piano chords. Deep synths accompany its arpeggios as we get a killer driving song. Its retro vibes will swoon you while listening. ‘Buggy‘ needs no other summary as it is his most recent release with Yotto. Comparable to their last collaboration together, let this one take you on that journey. ‘Run‘ with Kasablanca is triumphant and moving in its melody. Listen to how full and deep the synths resound in your ears.

Matcha Mistake‘ with Kidnap is captivating with its upbeat harmonies and rhythmic percussion beat. This one is primed for dancers and vibe-seekers to flow to. The familiar ‘Roll Call’ with Anderholm is progressive and tech-house in ambiance. We can go for some deep, dark vibes here, especially with those long, drawn-out mau5 synths.

Closing out the album is ‘Out of Sight‘ with Hexologic. This one is full of ethereal, progressive beats and is Hexologic’s budding start on the label. Overall, this couldn’t have come out at a better time. During this difficult time of continued isolation, we can only find solace in music.

Lane 8 blesses us with this piece of work alongside some bright stars in dance music. The whole album is delicate and fresh, touching on the astounding quality of production that Daniel brings. From his mixtapes to this, listen below and enjoy!

Lane 8 – Cross Pollination