Mexican-American producer Iván Galván returns with his most anticipated project yet, an eight-song album titled, REX REGNUM. REX REGNUM will be played at Billboard Magazine’s GRAMMY preview and will be considered for this year’s 63rd Annual GRAMMY Awards.


Shortly after the successful release of his second album, MENSAJERO, Iván completes a new album that shows his exquisite musical sensitivity and enormous production skills.

Iván Galván maintains his musical style in this album which is undoubtedly worth listening to. REX REGNUM (King of Kings in Latin) is a collection of attractive and pulsating rhythms that brings together brilliant melodic sounds that attract and engage the listener.

About REX REGNUM, the new album by Iván Galván

REX REGNUM is inspired by Ivan’s spiritual side and tells the story of Jesus and eternal life. In addition, the artist was also inspired by the ideas of transfiguration and miracles. After that, he managed to transform the theme into enchanting melodic rhythms. As usual, Ivan pays careful attention to every detail within the album. Also, the artist included works of art to match his associated colors. While the purple colour represents royalty, the abstract white encompassing the title REX REGNUM means the communion wafer. REX REGNUM is emotional, artistic, and inspirational. Without any doubt, it will surely resonate and move the listener as they immerse themselves in this 8-track album.

One of the album’s singles, ‘REX’ is accompanied by a visually stunning and colorful music video. This new project by Mexican-American Ivan is ideal for new social networks. Besides, the new album gained popularity on TikTok as very influential people like TikTok’s star TinyWebs (90k followers) used his tracks as music for his hilarious TikTok videos.

Music connects me to my spiritual side and I like to push myself to think outside the box of what people expect or associate with electronic dance music.

Iván Galván

In conclusion, if you are curious about Iván Galván’s latest album, you can listen to it down below. You can also check out the tracklist below

  1. Amore Deos 
  2. Animas 
  3. Imperium 
  4. Rex 
  5. Transfiguratione 
  6. Vir 
  7. Vitam Aeternam