Innellea And Kevin De Vries Release Amazing EP ‘Hoffnungschimmer’

Innellea & Kevin De Vries – Hoffnungsschimmer EP

Innellea’s new EP is here. The German DJ/Producer has teamed up with his friend and collaborator Kevin de Vries for his latest 3 track EP. Titled Hoffnungschimmer, Innellea’s & Kevin de Vries’ latest release came out through Tale Of Us label Afterlife.

The duo has previously worked together. Be it in the studio or behind decks, their mixture is always an amazing one. Now, they enter what might be my favorite techno label as of today. Afterlife delivers the most amazingly curated sounds. Their artists sound as if they belonged to another galaxy, another universe. Another race. What this EP says in terms of production is simply magnificent. A level of an orchestral sound design a few can achieve. Through 3 tracks, Hoffnungschimmer is one of the best EPs released inside the techno category 2020 has given us.

Kevin de Vries and Innellea team up for new EP

Translated from German into “Glimmer of hope”. That’s exactly the feeling Innellea’s and de Vries’ new EP gives. Starting with a melancholic track ‘Das Licht’ (The light). The duo then moves on to an enveloping gigantic banger ‘Mondfisternis’ (Lunar Eclipse). Finally, they close the EP with the track that gives its name to it. Hoffnungschimmer. That is exactly what this last track delivers. Through its beautiful melody, we reach the end of the EP feeling as if, after all of this, everything we’ll be okay. We’ll reunite once again. Laugh. Dance. Love. Experience music inside our own world as we once used to while connecting with thousands, millions even inside this world we travel through the universe in.

Final Thoughts

Hoffnungschimmer is the perfect EP for this moment. Innellea and Kevin de Vries deliver a beautiful EP, filled with hope, melancholy, sadness, and strength altogether. The best techno release of the year in my opinion. I’ll make sure to keep an eye on these two, and so should you!

Stream ‘Hoffnungschimmer’, Innellea’s & Kevin de Vries’ new EP out now below!