The American and french DJs/producers i_o and Raito have arrived with their highly anticipated and massive 4 track EP titled, Révolution. Although we currently can’t listen to it in a warehouse or festival, we promise the EP is perfect for any type of party play.

With the year more than halfway over, new techno music releases have been great with many iconic producers building a lot of attention with their innovative tracks.

One such producer is the talented artist, i_o. The American producer who after the success with the last part of his project called 444, returns to a rougher state of his techno sound to present a body of work that is much darker in nature.

i_o has stated ” The kids want techno” and he brings it, this time he didn’t do it alone. The french techno producer Raito joins the equation to give us this EP that they decided to call Révolution.

Raito is known as a French techno legend who makes a variety of techno, breakbeat, and old school rave music – famous for his trademark Raito sound. He is supported by big names in the industry like Amelie Lens, Richie Hawtin, and Adam Beyer. This project follows his successful release of his Moon Dance EP on Mau5trap.

i_o & Raito- Révolution EP

Révolution EP takes us through a four-song journey into all the embracing elements of i_o and Raito’s sound. It’s worth mentioning that it is not the first time that they created music together. Last year, ‘ Come With Me‘ generated so much buzz that many fans wanted a full out EP from the pair.

The title track has cyberpunk characteristic soundtrack vibes, with powerful bass and rhythm. It features piercing layers of acid and sharp synths with many dark and bombastic touches, courtesy of Raito. This track evokes the revolution, a very technological one with background techno.

Don’t Stop‘ is even darker and heavier than the title song, bringing together the finest techno and dance elements. This song calls to trippy technologic action and shows the revolution is unstoppable. ‘Sensation‘ is quieter than the two previous tracks but is still a fine example of hard techno bliss. This is the perfect song to hear at any peaking hour of the night at any major festival or club.

Last but not least, ‘Cash‘ plays with a variety of hard techno textures. The male and female vocals add another layer of menace to the already dark sound of the track.

In conclusion, Révolution EP is a techno masterpiece that we highly recommend. We can’t wait for the day when we can listen to the dark techno themed album live at a festival or club.