HDJ-CUE1: Pioneer DJ’s Most Affordable Headphones

Calling all music people! Pioneer DJ is launching a new line of affordable headphones in a variety of colors. The HDJ-CUE1 is here as an entry-level pair of listening devices with the durability and multi-functionality for the decks, studio, and listening.

It starts at $69 for the dark silver finish, but it is available in black, red, and white. If you want matte black, it’ll cost you £89, but you’ll be stylin’ in high fashion. Add an extra accessory pack with your choice of colored cables and ear pads. This add-on will cost you $30 per pack, but the color choices include orange, green, blue, pink, and yellow.

Obviously the target consumer for this product is DJs, as it boasts a 90-degree rotatable ear cup and coiled cable. But any aspiring artist and music lover can get in on the action. Its easy maneuverability also comes with the ability to detect low frequencies. The swivel mechanism makes it perfect for listening to a cued track with one ear. You no longer need to constantly flip your headphones on and off while playing. While Shiba San makes it look cool, now you can have an added convenience.

Built from the past DNA of Pioneer’s pro models, this model comes at a modest price. It matches the quality benchmarks of their professional ranges. Get that pro look and feel, rich sound, plus compact and flexible design. What’s more, is there is even a wireless model as well! Bluetooth technology is built-in and enables you to listen and play on the go.

Is It Worth It?

The snug fit is comfortable without being too tight, so your head won’t go numb after long hours of wear. Its customizability makes it perfect for anyone with color ADHD or indecisiveness. Its bluetooth capabilities allow you to switch seamlessly from listening on the computer, phone, or decks. It also does a good job cancelling outside noise, while maintaining its high sound quality. Overall, it is worth a look into investment.

Upgrade your setup and peruse the website here for more details. Happy hunting and music making!