Glass Animals – Heat Waves (Diplo Remix)

Glass Animals‘ new single ‘Heat Waves’ just got a bit more heat from none other than the quarantine king himself, Diplo.

Diplo brings the perfect summer vibe that we all wish we could have, taking us back to the summer pool party days. The melodic hook with chopping synth makes me feel like everything is going slow-motion and melting around me. A perfect feeling for the namesake of the track.

Glass Animals originally took a slower more night-drive vibe, which is alluded to in the lyrics. While Diplo’s remix brings another side to this song like Jekyll and Hyde. I’d also appeal within that duality, Diplo’s remix uses that as the melody and choppy synth spar throughout.

I really dig the vibe of this song since it’s something I think we all need these days. The lyrics do hint at unrequited love but there’s still a really sweet underlying concern within that. Perhaps the Diplo remix gives a more sharp take on the song versus the original just due to the composition.

I enjoy this track because it gets me into a dreamlike state. It makes me think about myself and my friends on a rooftop partying to this with a crowd, whether that be friends or strangers, until the sun starts to set in Hollywood and boy do I miss those days. Hopefully you can find your perfect dream-state to this song and just ride that feeling.