Flux Pavilion Releases a Melodic Earworm with ‘Sink Your Teeth In’ feat. Drowsy

Flux Pavilion is back with another track, in this case, one featuring Drowsy which is titled ‘Sink Your Teeth In.’ This follows up the stellar ‘Survive‘ alongside Feed Me, both being released via Circus Records. On that note, Flux yet again delivers an earworm track which accentuates both his bass and melodic sounds. In addition, his transition to a more analog and tactile feel of production becomes even more present.

First of all, ‘Sink Your Teeth In’ kicks off with Drowsy’s silky and lethargic vocals which carry the song alongside the bright plucks. From that point on, it continues to build up toward a production bordering the lines between melodic and bass sounds. The energy then maintains momentum, forming a consistent build that remains infectious to the ear.

Since starting his career, Flux Pavilion went an incredibly long way to develop his sound, and this track truly begins to portray it. In this instance, the artist immerses himself in a world of analog equipment alongside building his own electric guitars. With the upcoming album, we’re surely in for a treat, truly portraying how the artist developed his sound.

Flux Pavilion

Listen to Flux Pavilion showcase more of his melodic bass prowess on ‘Sink Your Teeth In’ featuring Drowsy, via Circus Records below!