Florida Mayor Suggests Bars Remain Closed Until Vaccine

Hollywood Beach, FL, USA - June 14, 2020: Tourism on Hollywood Beach FL night photo tourists sitting on tables eating and drinking

In the previous weeks, Florida has shown some of the highest coronavirus cases in the country. While recent testing shows a drop in daily cases, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer suggested that bars would not reopen until there is a vaccine. Back in June, bars were ordered to temporarily stop service until further notice. As a result, many owners are struggling to make it financially. Some establishments have not been so fortunate and were forced to shut down for good.

“So I just don’t know how, until probably we have a vaccine, I’m not sure how we bring the bars back.”

The closure of bars has not only effected customers but also employees trying to pay bills. While the decision was made for the health and safety of all, business owners are frustrated. Aaron Dudek, owner of several establishments told WFTV Orlando that, “If the bars aren’t in downtown Orlando, there’s nothing happening”. Dudek stated that without bars, there’s nothing else to do. Dudek did agree with Mayor Dyer that bars should at least remain closed until cases decrease.

Back in June, Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR), set up a web page for anyone to report concerns regarding establishments breaking health guidelines. People were able to submit their concerns anonymously and the DBPR would investigate. Altogether, several establishments were given warnings while some were falsely accused of violating certain rules. In all, it’s reported that every business who received a warning, did make the right changes.

Agree or Disagree?

Waiting months for bars to reopen would be catastrophic to business owners, along with the entertainment industry in the area. It’s very likely that we would see even more establishments shut down for good. Unfortunately, no one really knows how long it will take everyone to receive a vaccine once it’s available. Let us know if you agree with Mayor Dyer and think bars should hold off on reopening until a vaccine is here.