COVID-19 Concert Study Held in Leipzig, Germany

The COVID-19 outbreak led to the postponement and cancellation of many 2020 live events. As a result, the spread of the Coronavirus deeply impacted the entertainment industry.

Live events almost seem unreal at this point in time. However, one German university pulled together RESTART-19, a scientific study to monitor how the virus spreads during large events.

The University of Halle recently held a live concert for research purposes, hoping to find methods of minimizing the spread of COVID-19. German star Tim Bendzko put on a live concert for approximately 1,500 study participants.

A Concert in the Time of Corona

Firstly, Coronavirus tests were mandatory for all members of the study. In addition, participants received masks, fluorescent hand gel, and electronic trackers monitoring contact levels between people.

COVID-19 testing and temperature checks were given to all participants.
Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Moreover, the study simulated three concert types with varying levels of social distancing. A Tim Bendzko concert with no social distancing, some social distancing, and strict social distancing all took place. The study lasted 10 hours.

While a COVID-19 world has become the new normal for many, it brings devastating consequences. The entertainment industry is hit hard by the pandemic and continues to face many obstacles. This unique study hopefully sheds some light on the spread of Coronavirus while providing us with some answers that are desperately needed.