BT Returns to His Dance Music Roots On ‘The Lost Art Of Longing’

Brian Transeau, commonly known as BT, is back with an album titled The Lost Art of Longing. Throughout, it calls back and analyzes the producer’s musical roots across the 14 tracks.

Earlier this summer, BT gave us an inside look at The Lost Art of Longing via his latest emotional single, ‘No Warning Lights’ with Emma Hewitt. From that point, it becomes obvious that the album showcases BT’s return to form. Moreover, there are other collaborations on the album including Matt Fax on ‘1 AM in Paris, Iraina Mancini on ‘The War‘, and many more.

BT – The Lost Art of Longing

BT The Lost Art of Longing

The LP explores much of what electronic music has to offer while taking influence from its roots. There are lengthy and epic trance tracks like ‘Walk Into Water‘, and two tracks that blend through dubstep, trap, and drum & bass. In addition, there are big progressive melodies and moments of somber, ambient reflection.

The Lost Art Of Longing is an ode to the things in life that had personal significance and meaning. Things that have become old, antiquated, or outright gone.

“One of the things nearing extinction; is the art of longing. As in, wanting of something you cannot immediately have. If anything positive is to come from the situation the world collectively finds itself in, it is my great hope – speed, instant gratification, and over-stimulation are swapped out for longing, imagination, and relational connection. For a child or teenager to sit thoughtfully and ponder what is to come, to hope for or envision something amazing, to dream of a place or a future – is becoming obsolete. Longing has been replaced with instant gratification. My hope is that this record reacquaints my audience with the lost art of longing. That they will take pause, get quiet, daydream, and connect to their own place of longing. Because that, I believe, is where the magic is”


Anyone searching for music with perpetual variety which showcases BT’s musical roots will truly admire this album. As a collection, it deserves a listen from beginning to end, in order to enjoy the entire voyage.

Listen to BT’s 13th album, The Lost Art of Longing below, or through your preferred platform.