Australian artist Aliias joined the ranks of the budding Canadian imprint, Emercive, through a brand new 3-track EP titled Of Your Place. This body of work serves as a great introduction to the producer’s sound and influences. He clearly pulls from a combination of electro, house, and progressive music.

The three songs are a title track, ‘Breathing Time‘, and ‘Alone As A God‘ which have a thematic flow. Within, the producer is able to showcase his diverse taste from rhythmic and groovy, yet melodically vigorous sounds, to the dark and heavy, ending on a lush ambient-leaning tone.

Of Your Place

First of all, the title track takes the lead with its potent combination of deep, heavy grooves and melodic components. In essence, it sets up the remainder of the EP, and truly stands out as one of the most memorable tracks so far this year. Kicking off, it playfully builds on the glittery melody in tandem with the shimmering vocal passages. It quickly builds upward and dives into the full body to present the infectiously upbeat rhythm. Furthermore, the wide and spacious section following the breakdown comes as a welcome surprise, and you should keep an ear out for that snare. Notably, the reverberating bass tones’ melding with the vocal chops makes ‘Of Your Place’ an instantaneously recognizable and unique song.

On the other hand, ‘Breathing Time’ takes a full dive into the percussive dark tone. Throughout, it plays on brooding and cinematic synths to set the mood over the consistently rhythmic production. Finally, ‘Alone As A God’ has Aliias taking a melancholic and ambient-inspired direction to deliver a heart-warming track. Overall, the Of Your Place EP meticulously traverses different styles within the artist’s repertoire, without forcing a compromise.

Listen to Aliias make his way onto the Canadian imprint, Emercive, through Of Your Place EP below!