Above & Beyond Reworks Twin Peaks Track

Yes, you read that right.

Above & Beyond shared on their Facebook that they have completed a cover of ‘Falling’ – originally featuring Julee Cruise. Their cover includes vocals by Zoë Johnston, who is no stranger to the group.

In their Facebook post, Tony McGuinness states:

“The music of David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti was an important reference for the sound of Acoustic – on the last Acoustic tour, we came on stage to ‘Audrey’s Dance’ from the original Twin Peaks soundtrack album. Our cover starts out quite faithful to the Julee Cruise original, but using some other 1990s references, it wanders off into its own lovely space.”

As a fan of David Lynch’s works and Above & Beyond, I for one am keenly excited about this. There is lots of anticipation to see what they cooked up. We know Twin Peaks has been in the minds of everyone who’s seen it as a twisted fever-dream of Americana.

Check out this reworked, acoustic release down below!

Above & Beyond – Falling (feat. Zoë Johnston)