Zeds Dead And YOOKiE Team Up For Heavy Belter ‘RUFF’

One of the heaviest collabs of the year is finally here. Zeds Dead and YOOKiE have finally teamed up. The two duos came together for the first time. Zeds Dead X YOOKiE new track is titled ‘RUFF’. The bass banger combines the best of both artists into a single super raw track. ‘RUFF’ is the lead single from Zeds Dead latest compilation WE ARE DEADBEATS VOL. 4 DELUXE.

Zeds Dead X YOOKiE

YOOKiE is one of the fastest-rising duos in the bass scene. They jumped into the spotlight after releasing a couple of tracks and remixes so hard that they became anthems at any event were bass music was present. Since then, they’ve done nothing but go hard. So hard, they’ve had sets suddenly stopped because of how hard they went. If that’s not a good indicator for you, I don’t know what else to say.

On the other side, we’ve got Zeds Dead – one of the biggest cults acts inside the scene, and with good reason. Their sounds take you into a whole new galaxy. Their sets are unlike nothing else. Bass, along with multiple subgenres, trap, and even house finds its way inside a ZD set, which has thousands of fans throwing up their Z’s and traveling all over the world to be able to catch the duo perform.


So, after those brief definitions, can you imagine what a track between these artists would sound like? Well, imagine no more. Enter ‘RUFF’. The collaboration brings everything that’s hot inside the bass scene right now and puts it together in the most perfect way. From the first 16 bars energy envelops you, to later take you into a chopped vox filled with some amazing arps and finally drop you inside the filthiest of drops. And when I say filthy, I mean FILTHY. Then, after a break, you go into a midtempo, mystique and haunting drop. My personal favorite, to be honest. It’s a soul snatcher.

In conclusion, it’s an amazing track by the four of them. As YOOKiE said, ‘RUUF’ would’ve definitely taken over the festival scene as soon as it dropped. Hopefully, once we’re all out of this mess there’ll still be time left for us to enjoty this masterpiece. Catch you on the pit!

Stream ‘RUFF’ by Zeds Dead and YOOKiE below!