Zedd Is Back With New Track Featuring Jasmine Thompson ‘Funny’

Zedd is back with new music! The Russian/German DJ who’s been on top of the scene for the best part of the last decade returns with a hot banger. Featuring English singer/songwriter Jasmine Thompson, Zedd’s latest song, titled ‘Funny’ will definitely make you jump and dance around the place.


One of the best at setting trends and establishing groundbreaking sounds, Zedd does it yet again. This time, he brings in one of the biggest collaborators in recent EDM history. Jasmine Thompson, only 19 years old, adds Zedd to her EDM collaborators list. Inside this list, we can find artists such as Robin Schulz and Feliz Jaehn. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?


‘Funny’ delivers once again the signature sound which characterizes Zedd’s project in recent times. Previously heard before on tracks such as ‘Stay’ and ‘The Middle’ you can easily identify Zedd’s trademark sound. Even though a number of producers have tried to imitate it since ‘Stay’ first came out, Zedd remains on a whole different level. His formula to take over charts and radio stations doesn’t seem to fail.

Filled with strong arpeggios, amazing chords and a set of beautiful vocals and catchy hooks, ‘Funny’ enters the list once again. An amazing track which Zedd’s fans will definitely love, this one’s nothing but a banger.

‘Funny’ featuring Jasmine Thompson is the first track of the year for Zedd. Hopefully, it won’t be the last. Last time we had any news regarding Zedd, we were updated on the process the artist was going through while creating a new album. Hopefully, soon enough we’ll get more news. Maybe a new track? An album tracklist? Whatever it is, we can’t wait to know what Zedd has in store for us! What about you? Are you excited for this new Zedd track?

Stream ‘Funny’ by Zedd featuring Jasmine Thompson below!