Valentino Khan Remixes DJ Snake’s ‘Trust Nobody’

Good News hard-house Lovers! The one and only Valentino Khan is back! The DJ released his remix for DJ Snake’s summer hit ‘Trust Nobody’ yesterday! Putting his personal touch onto one of the most awaited tracks of the year, Khan brings his own signature into what might be his hardest-hitting track ever.

Valentin Khan/DJ Snake

The two DJs have been moving around a similar sphere before. After a long time, we finally see both of their sounds come together on an actual track. The last time was when Khan did a remix for ‘Propaganda.’ After a request from Snake himself, VK decided to turn the banger around and just give it a level of punch and rhythm that completely flips it into a whole different thing.

Trust Nobody (Valentino Khan Remix)

‘Trust Nobody’ by DJ Snake was undoubtedly one of the most anticipated songs this year. After that insane moshpit video (you know which one I’m talking about), people started wondering when the massive track would be released. Following that to June 24, ‘Trust Nobody’ would finally see the light of day. Now that a month has passed, we are given our first remix from a big name in the scene. By all means, It does not disappoint.

To put it plainly, Valentino Khan nailed his ‘Trust Nobody’ Remix. He delivers a hard-hitting remix, filled with his signature fast-groove which only he can deliver on. Bearing similarities to the groove on his ‘Good Enough’ remix, Khan proves once again he’s the go-to option whenever you want a remix that would make the crowd go insane. There’s no doubt that DJ Snake is pleased with the result. Khan did an amazing job, and you’ll certainly catch this remix in both of their sets.

Stream DJ Snake’s ‘Trust Nobody’ (Valentino Khan Remix) below!