Tom Staar & AVIRA feat Diana Miro- In My Soul

Tom Staar & Avira have released ‘ In My Soul‘, featuring lovely vocals from Diana Miro. This is a progressive tech-house track that touches the heart and soul.

Youhanna Assaf, co-owner of Black Sunset Musics, embarks on a musical project under the name AVIRA. The alter ego showcases progressive or tech-house sounds, captivating audiences on his latest song ‘Hollow‘.

Thomas Ingamells, better known in the music scene as Tom Staar, is a good acquaintance within the music scene. He has an unmistakable progressive house style, heard in his most recent track ‘Waiting On My Love ‘. Now, these two visionary artists join forces to for the melodic track, ‘In My Soul’.

In this song, we can find progressive- techno touches and also some house elements. ‘In My Soul’ is different from tracks of the same style. It takes a second to identify the vibe behind it, but once you do, you’re in a complete trip.

Building up steadily with sharp beats and finely tweaked rhythms, provided by AVIRA, ‘In My Soul’ swirls in a sensation of dark mystery. The rhythm increases with Tom Staar’s sound along the track, which goes on to drop into an abyss of electricity.

The lovely set of vocals come from Dutch singer Diana Miro, who is known by Avira fans for her collaboration on ‘The Worship‘. The track enters into a slow yet dance-infusing beat after being involved by a strong sound. ‘In My Soul’ is an incredible combination and an entrance to both producer’s darkest music styles.

You can listen to the song below and download it here .