Sullivan King’s Metal Screams Now Available on Waze

What first started as a joke has now officially become a reality. Sullivan King‘s metal vocals are now available as a voice for the GPS platform Waze. Now, you will be directed to any location with the epic screams that we all know and love.

Last week, Sullivan King posted a video, that was initially meant as a joke. In the car with his wife, he annoys her with his own GPS impression as she is driving. He captions the video with “The new “Metal Vocalist” voice for Waze is rly rly aggressive….” Certainly, fans loved the actual idea of having the music maker’s voice on Waze as he has now made it available on the application.

If you want Sullivan King as the voice on your GPS, text +1 (305) 363-6351. Once you send a message, it should automatically be given to you. Unfortunately, it will not work with any other GPS application, so make sure to download Waze!