Madeon – ‘Miracle’ Music Video Starring Maisie Williams

The electronic music prodigy we all know as Madeon just released a new music video for his release, ‘Miracle’. The Music video features some big names who helped bring the music video project to fruition. The video directed by Lena Headey, stars Maisie Willaims, who met Headey on the set of Game of Thrones. Alongside a long list of credits, Williams and Headey are credited by Madeon as the muscle behind this video release.

Madeon‘s ‘Miracle’ is track #6 off his latest album Good Faith, which released last year. The track features an ethereal intro and verses with a flowing synthetic vocal. This vibe builds through a groovy chorus releases into a funky drop which brings fresh energy and gets your body moving. The track concludes it’s musical journey with a soulful outro full of nostalgia and feeling.

The Music Video

Lena Headey’s vision for the music video contrasts the musical vibe of ‘Miracle’. However, it encapsulates all of the emotion in the lyrics. The video tells the tragic story of a man, James Joyce, mourning the loss of a loved one, Maisie Williams. The artistic depiction of the story brings rich blues and reds to the screen. The colors blend with scenes full of passion to invoke feeling and develop a connection with the story.

You can watch the ‘Miracle’ music video below and stream Good Faith on Spotify here.