The iconic label Revealed Recordings brings us a new progressive- techy release. ‘Electric‘ by Maddix is the latest track that is perfect for dancing away the summer nights.

Ever since the pandemic has caused city lockdowns and show cancellations, many producers have had the time to dabble around with different producing styles and genres. In particular, we see Maddix playing around in the techno soundscape with his latest offering, ‘Electric’. The track features a variety of techno sounds and a robotic voice that will make us dance under an electric rhythm. His latest track continues to showcase his production skills as he explores the deeper sounds of the underground. In addition to the pitched vocals that run throughout the track, the booming techno bass line is particularly striking. The second drop utilizes acid synths, which makes the sound even more techno-heavy.

Maddix single 'Electric'

Maddix calls his latest techno style, “Maddixtribe“. Back in April, he shifted gears for his release, ‘Technology‘, which incorporates electro, progressive house, and big room elements.

If you are looking for creative use of techno and big room sounds, you need to Maddix’s new single ‘Electric’.