London Police Shut Down Illegal Raves After Lockdown Lifted

This past weekend, London gained a bit of normalcy as some COVID-19 restrictions were lifted. In combination with strict guidelines, restaurants, pubs, and hair salons were able to open up on Saturday. This momentous day was quickly nicknamed “Super Saturday”. With great excitement, Londoners crowded streets to celebrate with friends and family. The city had been in lockdown since March 24th. Unfortunately, as the night progressed, the partying got a bit out of hand in some parts of the city.

“What was crystal clear is that drunk people can’t/won’t socially distance”.

According to reports, several illegal raves had begun around London. One of these raves occurred in the town of Hackney. These unauthorized events attracted large groups of people in unsafe environments. While restrictions were eased in the city, social distancing and face masks are still strongly encouraged. Photos captured from these raves and pubs showed that nearly everyone had seemed to have forgotten about the virus.

Illegal rave in Hackney.

Police were eventually forced to place certain areas of London under ‘dispersal orders’. As expected, the night of heavy drinking left many drunk and unable to control themselves in public. Still, Health Secretary Matt Hancock stated in an interview that drinkers “very, very, largely acted responsibility”. Parties were bound to happen, especially the first night after such an extensive lockdown.

While the night of celebrating was well deserved after months of isolation, many are worried that the crowds will only cause the virus to spread again. Like many regions in the United States, COVID-19 cases have risen to record highs as re-openings continue. We hope that everyone continues to stay safe and healthy as we take small steps forward.