Lane 8 Returns With Annual Summer Mixtape

It’s that time of the year again when Daniel ‘Lane 8’ Goldstein releases his Summer 2020 mixtape. In this case, we get a packed four-hour experience with great movements and moods that plays in an entrancing flow. Overall, there’s a grand mixture of genres which Lane 8 is known to seamlessly blend, and this here is no exception. On an interesting note, this might be the artist’s best and most diverse mix to date with an accumulation of incredible tracks.

Through and through, Daniel delivers on much of what we’ve come to expect from his seasonal mixes. That includes a great number of both released and unreleased tracks, remixes, and IDs to keep us guessing. In addition, there’s a great range of music from his own This Never Happened imprint, Anjunadeep, and a variety of many other labels. From TNH, you’ll hear tracks by Jerro, Motez & Qrion, Le Youth, and more. The mixtape also doesn’t go without any surprises, a remarkable one being BRONSON‘s ‘HEART ATTACK‘ mixed with Lane 8’s acapella of ‘Shooting Arrows.’

This Never Happened

Recently, Lane 8’s imprint has been on a roll with one exceptional release after another. To elaborate, PRAANA, Massane, BAILE & Nuage, all released their respective EPs through it. Moving forward, their’s surely much more to come and look towards, so keep your eyes peeled.

Listen to Lane 8’s stacked four hour Summer 2020 Mixtape below!