G-REX & TVBOO Team Up To Bring Us ‘Dweller’

It’s not every day that I write about bass music, but I figured today might be the day to start. Today, we bring you a new track by G-REX and TVBOO titled ‘Dweller‘. In the past, we’ve written about TVBOO a slew of times. We’ve covered everything from his track ‘Eat My Sass‘ with DMVU, to his solo track ‘Liquor‘. After a quick search of our archive, it turns out that this is the first time we write about G-Rex, so there’s that.

‘Dweller’ features quite the intro, as we don’t get the first drop until 1:10 into the song. Prior to this, we get a few sirens, & odd noises, paired with what I believe is a kick, and a snare. When the first drop hits, I can’t help but imagine this being played out a festival, and being absolutely bombarded by sub-bass.

I’m not too keen on the more experimental side of bass music, but good music is good music, and I think it’s worth sharing. With that being said, I’m sure this would rock live. There is something to be said for the sound design in ‘Dweller’. I say this, as some of the sounds featured in this track are out of this world.

With a runtime of 3:38, ‘Dweller’ is the perfect amount of time to get you feeling wonky. If you’re into experimental bass, cool sound design, or all things WAKAAN, this track is for you. ‘Dweller’ by G-REX & TVBOO is out now on WAKAAN, and can be streamed below, enjoy. Wook mode, activate.