DJ Diesel aka Shaq has collaborated with Dubstep DJ Eliminate on their newest track, ‘Tear It Up’. If festivals were around right now, this would be the track to headbang to.

The song starts out with a humorous and sarcastic phone conversation. The dubstep DJ receives a call from “legendary basketball player and international superstar Shaquille O’Neal,” and then segues into an unforgettable track.

And, the drops? Beautiful. They’re heavy, intense, and hit you at the core. Moreover, the buildup before lasts the perfect amount of time. Each drop is quick and perfectly executed for optimal headbanging. And it sounds like headbanging is the desired objective. The lyrics literally instruct the listener to get wild and tear up the rails right before the first drop.

Shaq has been in the electronic music scene for quite a bit, and as a result, he has released many amazing tracks. Recently, he collaborated with Riot Ten, NGHTMRE, and Nitti Gritti.

Sports and electronic music might seem different due to the different spheres of influence. But, Shaq highlights how the two have a very similar energy and level of passion in an interview with SiriusXM.

Shaq also shares that his interest in EDM began in 1988. He notes that he started out with a SP1200 Gemini Mixer. After retiring from basketball and attending Tomorrowland, he started DJing more seriously.

And we’re really glad he did.

You can check out ‘Tear It Up’ below.