CloZee Goes Full Force On Second Album, ‘Neon Jungle’

French producer CloZee unveiled her second full length album, Neon Jungle, via her own imprint, Odyzey Music. It hosts the previously released ‘Winter Is Coming,’ ‘Air‘ featuring Sauvane, and ‘Us‘ featuring The Kite String Tangle. Moreover, the 10 tracks on the album run about 42 minutes long, flaunting the artist’s unique style and sound.

Neon Jungle

Starting off, ‘Mirage‘ introduces us to the album with a silk-touched soundscape and a hearty bass towards the end. Moving forward, ‘Neon Jungle‘ playfully and brightly plays on comforting tones while retaining an uplifting movement. Certainly being a highlight track, it then goes on to the previously released three tracks, which bring a taste of the variety in CloZee’s production styles between soft and forceful energies.

Going further down the rabbit hole, ‘Nuages‘ featuring 9 Theory presents a widening, enveloping lush production. It aptly sets the tone for ‘Heya‘ to pack a greater punch through the rich bass and heavy kicks. Sprinkled atop are the vocal chops and attack-filled synth pads, steering toward ‘Long Live The Chill.’ On it, CloZee presents a unique cut featuring Sir Bishop presenting a stellar mixture between a snug, guitar-led melody and rap. From there, ‘Amazonia‘ provides some groovy percussive focus with laden synth blips. Finishing off, ‘Perfect‘ takes a slightly dark yet serene and hypnotic tone, ending the album on a fulfilling note.

Listen to CloZee’s second full length album, ‘Neon Jungle,’ via her own Odyzey Music label below!


On a final note, CloZee released a visualizer alongside the album by Android Jones, powered by MicrodoseVR, which you can immerse yourself in below.