Beatport To Reinstate Hard Techno Genre Category

Hard Techno Featured :: Beatport

Beatport is bringing one of its most popular genre categories back. As of today, Hard Techno has officially made its return as a sole category inside the Beatport charts. The fastest, hardest-hitting side of Techno returns to its place after Beatport reported “numerous feedback comments from artists and labels”.

Tymon, Raär, Freiheit, and Tony Romanello are some of the names that top this new genre’s featured list. After spending some months inside the same category as Peak Time and Driving Techno, Hard Techno returns to being its own category. According to the top EDM store in the world, the genre has experienced a rise in popularity in its last months. Therefore they expect nothing but great results with the return of this exclusive category. With the announcement also comes the instauration of a top 100 tracklist for the genre, which will help ascending DJs find the best tracks to include on their sets. It will also help fans find their new favorite tracks faster.

Hard Techno

Hard Techno is known for being, well, hard. It focuses more on the strength simpler sounds can bring when joined my masterfully crafted drum patterns and well, as much distortion and compression you can use to make sure your track will blow the speakers. If you think Techno is “lame, boring and simple” just give Hard Techno a try. I’m sure it’ll surprise you.

D.A.V.E. The Drummer, prominent Techno producer declared:

“Many labels and artists, including myself, were absolutely gutted when the Hard Techno was combined with Peak Time/Driving,” “The two styles of music have actually moved farther apart, with more melodic techno at one end of the spectrum and harder faster music at the other. I’m very glad to have the Hard Techno genre back. I once again feel that I am part of a scene and belong to a sound of music that is relevant to my label. Good call, Beatport.” 

So, there you have it. Hard Techno is back! You can enter the popular category inside Beatport here!