In 2004, a new music distribution platform geared toward DJs and producers called Beatport hit the market. Beatport quickly became the authority for trending music within the dance music scene. Since then, the platform has provided unique music discovery tools and premium digital formats to its users. The site has evolved into a community that brings fans closer to the music and those who make it, while simultaneously giving artists the tools they need to find all new music.

The most recent update to Beatport is something that changes the game of music distribution. The newest update to the subscription-based accounts, titled Beatport Link, will allow users to preview the entire track. This stands in comparison to the normal 2-minute preview that is available to free account users. The new feature offers a lot of flexibility when curating new tracks for playlists and performance. Link accounts also provide an amazing integration into DJ software, allowing subscribers to browse the Beatport library directly from their hardware/software of choice. This has been an ever-increasing notion in the digital world of DJing.

Link accounts come in three tiers: Link, Link Pro, and Link Pro+. Pro and Pro+ accounts also enjoy an offline listener feature which allows the user to save 50 or 100 tracks respectively for offline use. All three tiers are offered full track playback in store.

In addition to the feature updates, Beatport has announced price drops to their Link accounts making them more accessible and budget-friendly. You can find out more about Beatport Link here.