If you remember Amelie LensFabric Presents mix back in November 2019, you may recognize this track. Out now is ‘Solitude Tool‘, for your streaming pleasure. This is more than just one of her drop techno bangers.

Starting off with a siren buildup, the track is one of Lens’ own snarling instrumental, darker techno tracks. It infuses trance and keeps your energy boiling. With a hooky, push-pull momentum, it has a melodic anthemic theme as well. Only the heart beating bass line can keep you on track.

If anyone knows the mix, you’ll know that it consists of labyrinthine techno, anthemic capital techno, jacking acid techno, and UK breakbeat styles. Amelie does a solid job of connecting tracks that show her risk taking.

She started DJing at 18 and is now among one of the world’s most celebrated DJs. She’s had a packed touring schedule, touring the world’s greatest destinations like Barcelona, Germany, Detroit, Amsterdam, and Serbia. Her repertoire of festivals includes Sónar, Time Warp, Movement, Awakenings, EXIT, Kappa Futur, and SONUS. She even appeared as a regular in Ibiza at Circoloco and Afterlife.

Her Fabric Presents mixes showcase a full spectrum of techno, with carefully crafted sets. When she’s not running the world with her strong music game, she is showering her die-hard fans with love on social media. Her hugely popular party series, Exhale, and own record label, Lenske, have more fun for you.

“What is with people telling me I don’t tell a story because I play bangers…ever considered that is exactly my story” – Amelie Lens

And this is why we love her. From fashion to famed music producer, the 30-year-old attracts attention from renowned names like Richie Hawtin. If you ever get the chance to see her on a lineup, do it.

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