Amelie Lens Hits 2020 With Upcoming ‘Higher’ EP

Amelie Lens has a hew EP on the horizons, set to release on her Lenske imprint. Titled Higher, we do expect it to take us there and it comes out on August 21st.

The title track is a euphoric club track featuring her own vocals. It has piercing layers of drums and sharp synths, ready to take you through the pits of techno. For those that caught it from her live, you remember keeping your hands up in the air and raging back and forth.

All around, we expect the sound of the EP to be classic Amelie, with her darker, pounding production style. Always club-ready, we cannot wait for this. The Berlin-based duo, FJAAK, recently remixed her track ‘Higher‘ and it is impressive.

This EP follows her most recent live stream on BBC Radio 1. She presented a four-hour mix, which is the longest one since 1997. Our beloved Belgian producer aims to show just how much she is worth. She is unstoppable and a formidable artist. She unloads all her enveloping techno with skill and emotional engagement.

In an industry where DJs grew up in different times, come new talent and fans. Social media skyrocketed her career; the world knows her as a fierce techno goddess.

“I understand it’s going to take me ten more years to prove myself, but I’m going to do it” – Amelie Lens

With the year more than halfway over, we’ve been blessed with the best of the situation. New music and live streams have steadily kept us going, right? Techno’s hottest property is about to get hotter when this launches. That rough but fresh sound is what get’s us going. She brings back the old acid sound from the 90s and gets the crowd energized.

Keep going Amelie, we 1000% support you!