Remember the mysterious Space Corps from EDC Las Vegas at Quantum Valley last year? They have a new single out titled ‘Falling Out Of The Sky‘. It is nothing short of trance bliss. Yes, we are all about the new music influx right now.

Angelic vocals start off the track, lyrics so sweet you can hear the trance in your soul. Percussion soon enter, and synths back them up. A progressive build up echos and the most melodic of drops happens. Enamor yourselves with the surging synths. It strikes a perfect balance between the high-energy drop and tender breakdown. You will definitely feel like falling out of the sky when you hear it.

Guesses of who the artist might be surfaced through a Reddit post last year. Armin van Buuren, Adam Beyer, i_O, Andrew Rayel all came up. Could it be an alias? Right now, all we have are cryptic tweets, IG posts, and a website. We welcome all answers, as we want to get down to the bottom of this! Though, we can appreciate the mystery and as long as new music like this keeps coming our way. We are here for it.

While we do not know who this artist it, they have appeared on a multitude of A State of Trances. From the 2019 Year Mix to 963, 967, and 958, they even graced Rayel’s ‘Find Your Harmony‘ Radioshow #203. Surely, it has to be someone they know. If not, we want more from them so we can be in the circle.

It is anyone’s guess at this point. With only four singles and EPS total that have been released, we eagerly await for more. Join the Space Corps by following the above links. Listen to their latest track below. We think you’ll like it as much as we do.

Space Corps – Falling Out Of The Sky | Buy/Stream