Sonos Presents Arc, An Amazing Dolby Atmos Soundbar

Sonos, one of the most prestigious audio brands, presents Arc. The device offers audiophiles the possibility of getting a high-quality soundbar with Dolby Atmos Technology for $800

The main feature that adds huge extra value to this soundbar is the inclusion of Dolby Atmos. Said technology adds height channels to create a more 3D immersive sound. It takes a while to set up adequately, but once it is ready it will offer a wonderful experience for the users.

Sonos Arc

With an $800 price tag, the Arc stays in the middle of the standard price range for these products. It is true that you can find other soundbars with similar technology for cheaper, but the alternatives that are on the same level as this Sonos Arc cost around 3 times more. Sonos Arc competes with Sennheiser’s Ambeo Soundbar which costs $2,500, costs more than three times the Arc.

About Sonos Arc

On the paper, Ambeo Soundbar and the Arc share many specs, and they both pack in a lot of drivers into a single soundbar—the Ambeo has 13, whereas the Arc has 11. When coming to size, both are also fairly large devices as Ambeo measures 50 inches long to the Arc’s 45 inches.

Regarding connectivity, the Sonos Arc connects via ARC port although it is also compatible with eARC. Sonos Arc leads in this aspect as it can easily double as a smart speaker and supports Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple AirPlay 2.

Sonos Arc
Sonos Arc

The quality of the sounds that the device delivers is outstanding, but it is not perfect yet. The lack of overhead sound clarity is one of the biggest downsides for this amazing device and can be solved with the presence of satellite speakers.

Sonos invites users to configure the speaker with TruePlay in order to map the room and offer that ‘sound bubble’ experience Atmos is known for. It is a wonderful option for people who don’t have space for an extra subwoofer or satellite speakers. Sonos Arc is probably the easiest, most space-efficient, Atmos-compatible ‘home theater’ you can get in a reduced space.

Sonos Arc is fully compatible with other devices od the brand like the Sonos Sub, Sonos Five or the Sonos One costs which sell for $200.

The new Sonos product, Arc, also offers a Night Mode feature where the Arc lowers volume at night. Besides, the soundbar also offers a great quality of sound with non-Dolby Atmos content.

Arc’s Design

Arc presents a c-shaped, 270-degree grille with 76,000 holes in it. And even though it’s packing 11 drivers, it still maintains a decently low profile. The device blends in with typical furniture and keeps an elegant design.

Sonos Arc is part of the new wave of Sonos hardware that will use the new S2 App. Although the app is not available until June 8, users can try this new app through the beta version. While the change in the app is not huge, the interface is cleaner and the app will allow better audio bandwidth and higher resolution formats like Dolby Atmos.

Regarding durability, we must warn potential buyers of the item that Sonos is not the best company as for programmed obsolescence. The device will not stop working in a short time, but it won’t last as long as other devices.

In conclusion, the Arc is a wonderful device for people who want to really improve their sound quickly and easily. Although the cost of the upgrade will be high, the option of being able to enjoy Dolby Atmos technology its worth it.

Amazon ($399)