Slander Teases Plans For New Melodic Bass Festival

Not all is bad news. If this quarantine has given us something in big quantities, it is time. Time to think. To reflect. And to create. We’ve got a huge number of releases during this pandemic. However, that’s not the only new thing approaching. Eventually, concerts and festivals have to come back. Uniting as one to dance for days nonstop is the heart and soul of the EDM community. And SLANDER knows this. That’s why the duo has decided to invite you to join and help them plan their very own festival once this pandemic is over!

Yeah, you read that right. A SLANDER Festival! As you can read below, the duo has come with an idea that I personally LOVE! A festival focused on one of bass’ fastest-growing sub-genres would simply be mind-blowing. The outer space concept seems like a great idea as well. As someone who’s been playing a lot of No Man’s Sky lately, I’d think there’s a lot of potential on this proposition. Also, as you can read on the tweet the duo themselves posted, ideas for a name are required. If yours gets chosen, you’ll earn free passes for life! Now that’s what I call a sweet deal!

As of today, SLANDER share’s the podium with Seven Lions for the biggest artist in Melodic Bass. The move to create a festival based on this genre, hopefully giving more of a place to the true artists instead of the clout Future Bass-Pop chasers would be a massive one. As festivals continue to struggle to maintain their structure during this time, it might be time for some other members inside the industry to look further into fueling new projects so that our industry might live on.

This obviously does not means I want to see EDC, Ultra or Tomorrowland go away. But the creation of new niche projects which will foment people entering this culture through familiar gateways is something I’m all for.

So, go pitch your lineup and festival name ideas to Slander! With any luck, you might end up winning yourself a set of free passes for life! Also, please, Slander, do consider my own idea. It’s already pitched under there hehe. Go now! Before it’s too late.