Mixmag Halts Magazine Publication Until Next Year

Mixmag, the longtime print magazine of all things dance music has halted publication due to COVID-19. Online content will continue to publish as normal but due to a lay off in staffers, we won’t be getting physical copies.

Having said this, they may return to print next year. Nick Stevenson, managing director, had the following to say:

“Due to the global pandemic, Mixmag’s print magazine was paused in April and will remain paused until we bring it back next year. Although the print magazine makes up just a small part of our revenues we are all immensely proud of it and we look forward to its return. Until then, Mixmag continues to reach over 100 million dance music fans every month through daily digital, social, and video content from our 16 international Mixmag offices.”

For those that don’t know, Mixmag is one of the world’s leading electronic music publications since its launch in 1982. They’ve printed tons upon tons of magazines since inception. Some would argue it could save trees, but others would say that it’s good reading material for coffee tables. But we know that these music bibles have been educating the world on the industry as we know it.

From news, video, music, blogs, tech, fashion, and tickets, this magazine is the one-stop-shop for all music industry news. They’ve sponsored live events and ‘The Lab‘ streams from top venues in Los Angeles, New York, and more. It is unfortunate that COVID has claimed another victim of the industry, but at least their online presence remains.

Until they get back up and running next year, you can follow them on their website here. Follow their Twitter here. We know things have been getting antsier as we move into July, but stay strong.

Here’s to a happy 4th!