MEDUZA is back! Italy’s most famous dance music trio returns with an unexpected remix. This time, they resurrect Lifelike & Kris Menace’s classic Ibiza anthem, ‘Discopolis 2.0‘. MEDUZA brings the iconic record back into modern-day club culture. Out now on Armada Records, ‘Discopolis 2.0’ has been resurrected by one of the fastest ascending artists in dance music.


MEDUZA has had an amazing year – they’re undoubtedly one of the leading causes of house music’s growing presence on daytime radio. Their tracks ‘Piece of Your Heart’ and ‘Lose Control’ have taken over every single dancefloor in the world. Tons of house DJ is out there playing their records. They’ve played a pivotal role in making house music hot again.

When performing live, they are not only displaying their own signature sound and energy, but also the raw ability to create a stand out release whenever called upon. Their sets are an ode to the house movement, and everyone who wishes to enjoy this culture on its peak should experience a MEDUZA set at least once.

Discopolis, Anyone?

So, let’s talk about their remix of ‘Discopolis 2.0’. A masterpiece. A symphony. Perfect. Amazing into the last detail. Released back in 2006 by Kris Menace and Lifelike, an anthem is a perfect way to describe this track. Its melody takes us back to the early raves, dominated by arpeggios perfectly synchronized with strong kicks and basslines. This track has been overdue for a re-make to revisit today’s scene. That’s exactly what MEDUZA has achieved.

MEDUZA does a perfect job turning this track into a 2020 house banger. This is what ‘Discopolis 2.0’ needed. While keeping the essential pieces into the track, MEDUZA adds their own groove into the track. Quite a bit different from their past hit tracks, ‘Discopolis 2.0’ MEDUZA Remix, is still one of the best records of the year!

The year of house delivers another amazing track. Above all of this, it’s impossible to forget that we owe this genre, and most of our story, to Black culture. Remember that every time you listen to this track, and every time house music makes you happy.

Stream the track below!