Kayve brings a ton of power and packs a punch on his new EP, Kayving In, which is out now via Rhyots Canadian imprint, Emercive. You might be familiar with Kayve, as he featured on deadmau5mau5trap label multiple times. To name a couple, his two tracks ‘Welcome to the Kayve‘ and ‘Cat Reused‘ appeared on the ‘We Are Friends‘ series.

On the EP, the artist presents his talents through an epic, building showcase of sound-design capabilities. His particular palette in terms of electro house is highlighted with a brimming sense of personality and unique style. First off, the title track builds and slams with force through its pulsating rhythm as the synths tear through. Overall, it follows its own pattern on plays on the diversity of sounds keeping things interesting. On the other end, ‘Gone‘ maintains a driving force on the baselines, but opts for a bouncier infectious rhythm. If you’re new to Kayve’s music, this ought to serve as a magnetic introduction into the artist’s world.


If you’re not quite familiar with the Emercive catalogue, then do yourself a favor and give it a listen. To go through the releases, you can find them available on their website here. Moreover, a good start would be ‘Converge, Vol.3‘ which presents a great introduction to the variety of artists and styles that the imprint highlights.


Finally, listen to Kayve’s new EP, Kayving In, via the Rhyot’s imprint, Emercive, below!

On a final note for anybody that streams on Twitch, Emercive’s catalogue is cleared for streaming and available for use.