Kaskade Releases New Breathtaking Track ‘When I’m With You’

Kaskade – When I’m With You

New Kaskade incoming! The American DJ is back with a brand new beautiful track. It is titled ‘When I’m With You’. Kaskade latest track was released through American label ‘Om Records’

Kaskade’s latest hit reunites him with a collaborator from the early days. Chicago based vocalist and Om Records resident Colette joins the DJ one more time to provide a set of amazing, mesmerizing and calming vocals to the track. Together, they bring a magnificent summer chill track that will definitely climb the lists to position itself as a mid-years favorite.

With an incredible sound design, a strong ascending build-up which manages to softly deposit you inside a body-controlling drop which quickly elevates your levels of happiness and relaxation, this latest Kaskade track is seriously a lovely one. Kaskade is one of the DJs I’ve been getting familiar with this quarantine, and he certainly does not disappoint. From his amazing livestreams, all the way through the beautiful tracks you can hear from him, no matter how old they are, Kaskade is certainly one of the biggest active artists in the industry of dance music.

Kaskade: A Career Which Does Not Seem To Slow Down

‘When I’m With You’ marks the DJ’s tenth release of the year. A pretty strong year, if you ask me. Remixes, EPs, and work inside a variety of genres have made 2020 another year in which Kaskade continues to prove why does he deserve to be a driving force inside the industry. The DJ appears to have aged exactly 0 years since he started doing this, decades ago. Kaskade continues evolving day by day. His voice stays relevant inside an industry filled with younger talent. He continues to be a source for new tracks and inspiration. Hopefully, he will continue delighting us in years to come. Truly a remarkable career.

Kaskade – When I’m With You