Hot Since 82 Announces New Album ‘Recovery’

Splash House August 2019, Palm Springs

Brand new Hot Since 82 incoming! According to a series of sources, the British DJ has a new album on the way. The mythical underground house producer has been pretty active this year, and now, with the current situation, his creation process seems to have been accelerated. This will be Hot Since 82’s third studio album.

Hot Since 82 continues to impress. After almost a decade owning this project, he’s given the industry some amazing tracks to dance to. He’s been an unstoppable force, playing parties, clubs, and festivals all over the world. His smooth style suits any audience, and his track selection is nothing short of beautiful. Now, he’s ready to deliver once again, in the form of a new album.

Known for dabbling inside the less commercial side of house and techno, Hot Since 82 is practically a legend in the dance music industry. His work sets standards many producers aspire to reach. Now, with this album announcement, which comes along with the release of its first track, titled ‘Eye Of The Storm’, excitement inside his fanbase has definitely grown. After hearing a preview of this latest track, comments all-around have been super positive. One Reddit username wrote:

“Hot Since 82 doesn’t miss. This sounds great… brings the euphoria of 8 track along with some darker elements you might find on LBB. Stoked for the record”

Introducing Recovery

Hot Since 82’s latest studio album will be titled Recovery. It will consist of 12 tracks. After listening to a preview of its first track, I can honestly say that if the rest of the album goes down like this, this man is playing to win. Recovery is supposed to be released this fall. Even if nothing else happens during this chaotic year, we’ll all be able to listen to one of the most exquisite albums to happen to 2020.

While you wait for Recovery, make sure to relive one of my favorite Hot Since 82’s sets, straight from Game of Thrones’ King’s Landing!