Google Redesigns Photos App For A Better Experience

Google just got a redesigned Photos interface, built for your life’s memories. Now you can manage your photos and videos easier. It is a little similar to Apple’s Photos interface, but let’s look into what is new and updated, shall we?

Initially, you couldn’t keep all your photos in one place, you had disorganized storage, and it was very hard to find specific photos. Endless scrolling will do you no good if you need to quickly pull something up. No dates, years, tags, locations, anything. Now, the app is redesigned to give you more nostalgia and time to reminisce.

A New, simplified Experience
  • Photos align front and center with a new three-tab structure: ‘Photos’, ‘Search’, and ‘Library’ – access your photos, search function adds for quicker access on an interactive map view, and the library transports you to different folders. Albums, Favorites, Trash, Archive, and more will be at your disposal.
  • You can share content with the ‘conversation’ button in the upper left corner
  • See your travel photos’ location with the interactive map view. It is a fun way to relive your past memories. All you need to do is enable location for Google Photos on your phone. You can also manually add the location like you would on Facebook.
  • ‘Memories’ is the most beloved feature, providing you with the best pictures of you and your fondest memories. Over years or over the past week, you’ll get a slideshow that moves automatically. What’s more, is you can also hide specific people or time periods.
  • The new Google Photos icon moves from the pointy pinwheel to a more rounded one.

This simplified experience of Photos rolls out next week on iOS and Android. Keeping things fresh, we hope you enjoy this update.