BROHUG Returns With New Heater ‘Gold On My Crown’

Brohug – Gold On My Crown

BROHUG is back. The Swedish house trio dropped their latest bass house banger yesterday. Their latest single is titled ‘Gold On My Crown’. It was released through Steve Aoki’s label Dim Mak.

A hard banger, BROHUG’s ‘Gold On My Crown’ dabbles between bass house and G-house. Thanks to American vocalist/rapper Born I, the song counts with a super raw and heavy ghetto set of vocals. Born I, recognized as one of the best vocalists in the industry lays down this amazing set before Brohoug enters with their magic. The drop is just electrifying. Imagine Malaa, but on steroids. The drop is a straight hit you in the face with bass all around. The result? An absolute banger.

BROHUG, House Certified Dons

2020 has been a huge year for BROHUG. This is their sixth release of the year, two EP’s included. Their label Brohouse Music continues improving into one of the main hard house labels in the industry. Soon, they’ll be competing hand by hand with labels the size of Confession and Axtone.

While they continue following a very specific niche, thanks to the genre’s progress and colocation in some of the best events and festivals of today people are starting to identify this sound with one feeling. Underground. Raw, and outlawed. If the trio continues working like this, there’s no saying how far will they go. As they approach a million monthly listeners on Spotify, their sound continues to evolve. They release more and more bangers, sometimes in collaboration with some of the biggest players out there. From now on, there’s nowhere for Swedish DJ trio BROHUG to go, but up into stardom.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go stream this certified dons latest track! Get your groove on inside the rawest and strongest side of house with BROHUG’S latest track ‘Gold On My Crown’ below!

Brohug – Gold On My Crown