Beatport Unveils New Organic House/Downtempo Genre

Another week, another Beatport genre. Lol, sorry. I’ve seen way too many drive and peak time techno memes (shoutout TWTMEG). Yesterday, EDMs most famous music store unveiled their latest genre classification. It’s titled ‘Organic House/Downtempo Genre‘. According to the website’s description, it’s focused towards ‘deeper, more meditative, and occasionally slower shades of house music’.

Announced through Beatportal, this new genre brings a completely new base of sounds into the house discussion. Beatport’s Organic House/Downtempo Genre contains wooden drums, slower bpms, short cut vocals, tribal sounds and many more enter the game. TRYBESof, Sol Selectas, and Hoomidas are just some of the fantastic artists integrating this brand new section.

Sol Selectas is now a part of Beatport's latest genre Organic House/Downtempo Genre
Sol Selectas, personal favorite is just one of the artists you can find in Beatport’s newest genre.

But What Is It?

Personally, this is a genre specification I’ve been waiting for. There’s certain sets, or moments inside a set, whereas a DJ I want to give a more organic vibe to my set. What does organic mean to me? Wooden Drums. Live recorded drums. String instruments. A vocal that hasn’t gone through such an extensive mastering process. All of those come together to give a new feeling that downtempo inside a set perfectly defines. This downtempo, however, is way different from the one I normally associated the genre with. And I’m here for it.

Altogether, I’d say this new genre opens the gate to a whole group of DJs looking for something different. Something soothing and tranquil, which allows them to push people into that spirit healing dance at 6 am next to the sea. Or to make themselves get lost inside the forest as the sun goes down. I can assure more than one artist will express their satisfaction with this new addition inside the Beatport catalog, and if not, at least we’ll be sure to enjoy some fresh-baked memes.

Whatever your position is, make sure to inform yourself first. Go explore Beatport’s latest genre Organic House/Downtempo Genre on Beatport here! Oh, and @Beatport, please make sure to give us a Spotify playlist for this new genre ASAP!