Smart speakers have been one of the most popular ways to listen to music while around the house. Their ability to recognize one’s voice to perform various actions is always expanding. Not to mention, their compact size means less wires to deal with compared to other audio systems. Apple’s HomePod smart speaker in particular is getting some improvements that may earn it more users. Unfortunately, HomePods have struggled with the smart speaker competition since their release.

Briefly shown during a slideshow presentation at this weeks WWDC, the speaker will finally support third-part music services. Currently, Apple Music is the programmed service for all HomePods. For example, when asking HomePod to play a specific song or genre, the device will proceed with Apple Music. Allowing third-party apps like Spotify on the HomePod may attract more users to purchase the HomePod speaker itself.

Along with the higher price, Apple’s HomePod may be struggling due to the fact that it currently does not offer third-party integration. This update is one of the many improvements coming with iOS 14 later this fall. It was rumored that Apple would announce a HomePod mini device but that may be pushed back later this year in combination with the upcoming iPhone lineup.

If you really want to download iOS 14 before its official release, a public beta is expected to open up in the coming weeks. You can read more about the beta program on Apple’s website here. Lastly, you can watch Apple’s full keynote from the WWDC below. The HomePod updates are mentioned around 1:07:45.

Apple Keynote WWDC 2020