Ultra Europe 2020 Canceled; Refunds Offered

We all knew it was going to happen, but we just needed the official Statement to confirm it. Ultra Europe 2020 is officially postponed until 2021.

Ultra finally announced today that its Croatia-based edition will not be taking place this year. This comes one month after a leaked email that was already announcing the cancelation. Ultra later commented on this leak as fake, but we all knew the information in it was most likely true.

All 2020 tickets will remain valid for 2021. In a move that is sure to enrage Miami fans, Europe ticket holders will have the choice to get a refund. However, it’s worth noting that Miami had to be canceled at the 11th hour when most of the money for the event had already been spent. Ultra Europe had the heads-up to cancel its contracts far enough in advance to recoup some losses. More details will be sent by email to the buyers.

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Having events across 29 countries and 46 cities in the world, Ultra has been hit hard this year due to measures related to the Covid-19 outbreak. First Ultra Miami, then many others such as Ultra Adu Dhabi, Road to Ultra India. Ultra Korea is for now postponed until this 2020 Autumn, so there is still a chance it will be taking place.

What major festival do you think is going to be the first one to resume?