Two of bass music’s rising stars, Qoiet and AFK just released a brand new EP. Titled Glass Prison EP, this sees its release on the legendary Deadbeats label. This is the first time the two collaborate on an EP, and the results are nothing short of unique. Here’s the full track list:
1. wait GRAVE
2. shut DOWN
3. faded GLASS

The focus track, ‘faded GLASS’, is an emotionally driven track that talks about how individuals have to withstand huge pressures to go down their unique path. Instead, society pushes individuals into a place where society wants to see them. The comparison in this track is to an animal in a cage, put there to do what it is told to do. The rest of the EP is complete with dark emo/bass vocal dubstep with hypnotic melodies.

I’m no expert on bass music, but this EP is a once in a while creative release. It takes elements from trap, bass, and emo music to create a unique listening experience all the way through. Behind all the crazy drops and distorted sounds, there’s a deeper meaning, which a lot of music lacks nowadays. Give it a few listens and appreciate the meaning behind the lyrics. In conclusion, Qoiet and AFK delievered an absolute bomb. Hopefully, we’ll all be headbanging to this once live shows are back. You can listen to the Glass Prison EP down below or by clicking here. Enjoy!