Facebook’s New Design Is Rolling Out Globally

 Nearly a year after CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the redesign at F8 2019, the new Facebook interface is finally here. The new minimalist desktop design has been launching in waves for the last several months. It includes a variety of new features, and a fresh look for the social media giant.

Some of the major updates include better navigation, a dark mode, and better ways of managing pages, events and groups.

Better navigations: With improved navigation, it has never been easier to find what you are looking for. Search for videos, games and Groups seamlessly, much like on the mobile app, but now on desktop too.

Dark mode: a fresh dark mode that is easy on the eyes definitely improves the user experience. It also reduces glare and changes the way you watch videos and experience the desktop app.

Improved way of managing pages, events and groups: the redesign also includes a new way to view and manage pages, events and groups with ease. Facebook also is claiming that response time between pages will be much smoother.

In an interview with engagdet, Facebook designers shared some of their thoughts behind the redesign:

The site became pretty slow and cluttered from a user-experience perspective. The technology stack that supported it didn’t receive a lot of love, and a lot of the updates and modernization that we were seeing in the mobile technology stacks.

All in all, the new improvements are very exciting, especially considering usage is through the roof with the current world situation with the coronavirus. Check out the new interface and let us know what you think!