[Watch] Myon Plays First Ever 24-Hour DJ Set on Twitch

We’ve had a few virtual livestream marathons by now, each featuring an impressive lineup of industry talents. But how about a stream marathon featuring just one DJ?! Well, Myon claims the title as the first to perform such a feat on Twitch. Playing for 24 hours straight on his channel, the Hungarian DJ garnered up to 1.3 million viewers at one point during his stream.

Myon also shared a few words of gratitude about 18 hours into the marathon set, revealing that the guys from Twitch have invited him to their headquarters to play a set when this coronavirus situation is over. Well, we’re certainly looking forward to that!

The 24-hour set comes just two weeks after another impressive 12-hour set he had played also via his Twitch channel. All this comes after Myon became an official partner of the platform, which he had proudly shared back in April. It’ll certainly be interesting to see whether he’ll continue pushing the limits to a 24+ hour set!