Google Pixel 4a Will Be Cheaper & Have More Storage Than iPhone SE

Google is coming out with an all-new, affordable Pixel 4a that is about to have Apple a good run for their money. A new rumor suggests that the Google Pixel 4a will cost $349 and offers 128 GB of storage. Just last month, Apple launched an unveiling of their iPhone SE. The SE will start at $399 and offers only 64 GB of storage.

Now, with production slowed down across the world, Apple’s new iPhone SE and iPhone 12 releases have been pushed back. While the iPhone SE may be the cheapest iPhone to date, consumers will likely not see it until mid-2021. Google has Apple beat on pricing and storage with the Pixel 4a’s whopping 128 GB starting capacity. The Pixel 4a follows in the footsteps of its successful predecessor, Pixel 3a. Rumors believe that the Pixel 4a was set to debut at the end of this month, much like the Pixel 3a debuted in May 2019.

Both the iPhone SE and Google Pixel 4a seem to be great choices for budget phones. While some who strictly love Apple OS might still get the iPhone SE, Google has Apple beat on pricing and storage. Here are some major differences between the iPhone SE and Google Pixel 4a (according to TomsGuide) :

iPhone SE vs Pixel 4a Specs