Gabriel & Dresden have been streaming consecutively for over a week as they practice social distancing. Before the pandemic madness began, they shot a mini movie for their latest album, Remedy. The 16-minute video is an escape to the beautiful Olympic National Park in the Pacific Northwest. The video offers a natural serenity and escape as we’re trapped indoors under fluorescent lights.

The video soundtrack consists of ‘Falling Forward’, ‘All I’ve Got’, ‘Will I Change’, and ‘Something Bigger’. Since the majority of tracks from Remedy feature Sub Teal’s beautiful vocals, it’s only natural for her to be a part of the mini movie. As the audience watches Sub Teal explore the beautiful landscape, the soundtrack enhances the viewing experience and adds another layer of emotion.

In addition, the duo was supposed to embark on the Remedy Album Tour this spring and summer. However, due to the unforeseen circumstances of the coronavirus, they’ll be rescheduling the tour dates. So stay tuned for their tour date announcement at a later date!

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