Valentino Khan & Ship Wrek Collaborate on Hard-Hitting ‘Obsession’

A surprising collaboration has graced our presence. Valentino Khan and Ship Wrek have released a new track together, and we’re obsessed. Both parties can be considered house innovators in the scene – and the result from this collaboration is an absolute banger. Now out via Mad Decent, ‘Obsession’ leaves us wanting more from this trio.

‘Obsession’ is a powerful track with hard-hitting beats. The track starts off with an eerie voice, strangely similar to Ship Wrek’s earlier release, ‘Dance With Me’. The vocals announce they “can’t leave without you”, and immediately follows with a fast buildup to the booty-bumping drop.

The track does a great job capturing your attention, making you anticipate each drop. The first drop bounces with energy, whereas the second drop hits a tad different with deeper beats.

This is not the first time Ship Wrek has worked together with big name artists. The two producers have also collaborated with colleague and friend, Dillon Francis, on the track ‘It’s My House’. Late last year, Valentino Khan also released his House Party EP on Mad Decent. We hope to see more from these artists; hopefully this isn’t their last collaboration in the works.

You can now stream Valentino Khan and Ship Wrek’s new track, ‘Obsession’, down below at your convenience.